Monday, April 15, 2019

Weighing In

My blog is not about weight loss or about weight maintenance after a big loss. My weight has been stable my whole adult life (except for when I was pregnant of course). However, I have always had a strong interest in nutrition, weight loss and fitness. In fact, I would have gone into this profession had I known it existed! I took a nutrition elective in college, but my school did not have a nutrition or dietary sciences degree. A lot of nutrition is about numbers, and I ended up working in finance, which is all about the numbers, so there you have it.

Back to my weight. About seven or eight years ago, I had a health crisis and lost around 15 pounds. Believe me, nobody wants to lose weight that way. I regained half of  those pounds back and my body came to a new set point. It is where my weight has stayed for the past five or six years, and is an ideal weight for me. I am hesitant to put the number down and have people say or think “Oh you are fine” and “how can you be worried about weight.”

What I want to dispel is the idea that thin or average weight people don’t have to think about the scales, or that we can eat everything. That is so not true.

I was a chubby kid and preteen. I was fat at 14 but normal weight at age 17 when I graduated high school. Somewhere in those years I became aware of my weight and slimmed down. I didn’t play sports (I dreaded gym class!) and I didn’t diet, but I started to pay attention to what I ate and drank.

I have done so ever since. It’s not an obsession but rather as Sean Anderson says, it’s a daily practice. I eat the same handful of breakfasts and lunches every day. I have a routine variety of dinners on rotation. I drink water but I also like Coke Zero. I measure the half and half in my coffee. (My coworkers call me precise). I ignore the doughnuts and sweets at work; I think “that’s not my food”. I have fast food once or twice a year, if that.

I do eat at restaurants, bake, enjoy holidays, have cake at birthday parties or showers, have an occasional glass of wine and an evening snack (or two) when I watch TV. I enjoy life but it is a daily awareness.

I weigh myself around three times a week; the days may vary except for Monday. I have a hard and fast rule about weighing myself every Monday. I also always weigh in on the 1st of every month regardless of the day it falls on. I have a three pound happy range; if I see even a pound higher, the alarm bell in my brain goes off!

Today is Monday and my weight is up and it’s time to rein it in.

Chicken + egg salad on lettuce + strawberries = healthy lunch   


  1. I am hoping to be able to adopt an attitude more like yours once I reach my goal weight. I am also very "precise", though, ha ha. So I tend to measure things, no matter what. I plan to stick to a weekly weigh in and also keep in mind a weight range of a few pounds.

  2. I love the way you approach your nutrition and health! I always word it that that is ‘living life’. You are aware, you make some sacrifices but you are not letting life slide by you! (Seriously, at the height of my strict weight loss efforts...I turned down my own birthday cake! That is not living life, that is squandering life!)